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Announcement about the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024

On April 8, 2024, a solar eclipse will be visible mainly over the USA and Mexico. We will be able to stream it live from there ( if the weather is good in Mexico). In addition to the solar eclipse, there will also be a comet in the sky!

The stream will also be shown in many German planetariums. The Weltraum-Atelier Nohfelden is one of them, as it is the only permanently installed planetarium in Saarland 🙂

(Link>>) NASA information about this eclipse

 “Astronomy Picture of the day” for Sebastian Voltmer:  Mercurys sodium trail.

In the close environment near the Sun, Mercury is subject to permanent erosion by the Sun. Sodium and other elements are knocked out of the surface and atomized by impacting particles from the solar wind or micrometeorites. The solar wind rapidly drives the whirled-up particles away from Mercury in a manner similar to a comet.  Unlike comets, however, the glow of the resulting “tail” is too faint to be seen with the naked eye.

Our team member Sebastian Voltmer catched the ISS astronaut Matthias Maurer during his space walk from earth:






>>> Press release, Saarbruecker Zeitung, German Language

Our team member Christoph sent an Pleiades-astrofoto to the International Space Station

>>> Press release Saarbruecker Zeitung (in german language)

Podcast “Schleifen lassen” – Keltenwall and Space (in german language!)


Matthias Maurer: Influencer in space

A report by german ZDF-television about ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer from Saarland and the connection from our space studio to the ISS:

Watch report on YouTube

ISS-Inflight Call

ISS-Inflight-Call on 11 December 2021 with astronaut Matthias Maurer: next Saturday we – the Space Studio – will be host and venue of the KinderHerz Foundation, ESA/DLR.


More impressions and a review can be found here: Cosmic Kiss – the mission of ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer from Saarland.

Music video production

In the space studio you can admire exhibits that have been reported in the media nationwide. Sometimes we are also present on TV and radio:

Earlier this year we were able to support a music video shoot of the Berlin group DOTA with their new song “Wir rufen Dich Galaktika”, which (also) took place in our space studio. Maybe our visitors will recognize where some of the scenes were shot at our place ?

You can find the video here:

The year 2020 …

The year 2020 was particularly marked by the Corona pandemic. During the summer vacation periods, we enjoyed high demand despite the relatively tight visitor limits. Unfortunately, however, the pandemic development then turned into a renewed lockdown from the fall and winter.

Annual review : Our highlights in 2019

Our outstanding events of 2019:
– 50 years Apollo anniversary
– Apollo 13 at the AME fair
– The Apollo in the ZDF television garden
– Total solar eclipse over Chile
– Music video in space studio
– Astronaut visit Matthias Maurer
– Shooting stars over La Palma
– New rocket construction plan for children

The German newspaper “BILD” made the following press release about us in September 2019:

Galaktisch gut

Impressions from AME 2019, “Astro-Messe” in Villingen-Schwennigen:

IPA Award 2019 for Sebastian Voltmer:

Buy this picture here

On July 21st our capsule was an attraction during the live transmission in the “ZDF Fernsehgarten” TV-program:

In June 2019 we supported the creation of a music video by Detlef Malinkewitz. Many parts of the scenes were filmed in our space studio:

And some scenes from work during filming :

On June 1st 2019 we were visited by the  ESA-Astronaut Matthias Maurer.

He gave a lot of interviews and told us about his upcoming missions. He also was very interested in our educational work.

About Matthias Maurer: Matthias Maurer at ESA

Press release of the “Saarbruecker Zeitung” (german): Bericht der SZ

Picture gallery:

The artist Julia Johannsen opened a new exhibition with astrophotographer Sebastian Voltmer in Homburg. The title is „Space Time“

New entry for the space studio in “Reiseblog-Saarland”.

The travel blog Saarland has reported about us here. Many thanks to the team in Saarbrücken.

27.7.2018 : Live broadcast of the lunar eclipse from Namibia

More information here : Livestream

The District Administrator visits the space studio with the SR (=”Saarländischer Rundfunk”)

On 30 May 2018, District Administrator H. Recktenwald and representatives of the press came to the space studio for a shooting.

The reduced video excerpt of the SR programme “Wir im Saarland”:



An interview with the people at the space studio on radio :


Our link to Facebook

Our space studio in the print media

A selection of newspaper articles and publications in the print media:


At the “Dokumenta” in Kassel 2017

Our exhibits and our Apollo 13 capsule were successively on display at two locations during Documenta in Kassel in 2017:


Our Apollo 13-capsule on travel ….

Please visit this page :  Apollo auf Tour

Opening of the space studio Nohfelden on September, 9th,  2012

In 2011 the Apollo 13 was on tour in several European cities for the 50th anniversary of manned spaceflight.

Since 2012, the space capsule has been an integral part of our  Space studio, which officially opened on 9 September 2012.