Matthias Maurer at ISS


Very close to the Weltaum-Atelier Nohfelden, in the neighboring community of Oberthal-Gronig, the current ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer was born. Many details about his work can be found here: Matthias Maurer at ESA

Matthias Maurer was able to visit our space studio in Nohfelden several times before his launch to the ISS in 2021. Information about previous visits of M. Maurer is available on our press page!

A major concern of the ESA astronaut is not only the sustainability of human activities but also the inclusion of sick or disadvantaged people. Some material science experiments on the ISS also serve basic medical research.

On 23 May – shortly after Matthias Maurer’s birthday – he was able to carry out his first external mission on the ISS, which lasted almost 7 hours:


Against this background, there was a live connection between the Space Studio Nohfelden, the KinderHerz Foundation, ESA, NASA, the German Museum in Munich, the Federal President’s Office and the ISS at an altitude of approx. 450km on 11.12.2021. Children were allowed to ask Matthias Maurer questions live.

This event was a great technical challenge and we have put some picture impressions and a video summary below (which say much more than words 😉 )

The following video shows a best-of of Matthias Maurer’s flight to the ISS, cut to the soundtrack of the mission “Cosmic Kiss” and composed by Sebastian Voltmer.