Frequently asked questions:

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Can we bring “small” children (babies or children younger than 5 years)?

Yes, you can. Although our programme is designed for children from 5 years of age, we also have painting materials available or the children can then stay in the Apollo capsule if the topics are otherwise still too strenuous for small children. The only important thing for us is that you can guarantee supervision. Of course, we have already experienced that even 4-year-old children are particularly attentive. This is always an individual decision of the parents. And for nursing mothers we also have rooms for retreat.

Can we bring our dog ?

Yes, if he doesn’t bite other guests and gets along with other dogs (who may also be there from other guests) … we also like to put water out for drinking on hot days. There are also lots of paths in the area for walking.

Can we celebrate birthdays or book special dates at the Space Studio ?

Yes, this is also possible. You will need to contact us well in advance to arrange a date. As we have to employ additional staff for this, we also have vouchers available, which you can find here: Vouchers for special appointments 

The prices depend on the number of people. You can help determine the programme for these “events”. You can bring food or drinks with you. We also have electricity for an electric barbecue.

Are there any offers for kindergartens, school classes or holiday groups ?

Yes, we have special prices for these groups. Please ask us under Contact