Now the time has come. The inclusive version of the movie about the Mars opposition 2018 is finished.

Be prepared for the great approach to Mars in 2018! See what can be discovered on the Red Planet with earthbound telescopes and your own means and follow in fast motion how a dust storm develops. The current dust storm has completely enveloped the planet, but the well-known Great Syrtle and the great Martian volcano Olympus Mons are still looking out.
The extraordinary documentary was awarded four US awards and spans a cosmic arc from 2003 to 2018. 60-minute film is now available in German Sign Language (DGS) and audio description, so that everyone can participate in the cosmic encounter!

In addition to English, German and French, the film “Return of Mars” can now also be “watched” by the visually and hearing impaired (blind and deaf) via video on demand:

See the documentary here

The audio description was created in collaboration with blind friends and is read by the author of the film.

Katja Fischer did sign language interpretation (German Sign Language) in cooperation with CentralVISION Berlin and

An inclusive version includes both the sign-language and the audio description – it is intended for everyone! So also for those who want to learn how inclusion works in a single film version.