Our offers for visitors

Due to various inquiries of our visitors we have created several offers:

Offer 1: “Peterchens Mondfahrt” and astronomical observations

This offer is aimed at interested visitors who would like to inform themselves intensively about space travel and astronomy. We will respond individually to your wishes and questions and also take special care of our “junior staff”.  Read more 

Offer 2: Swing-By at our space studio

This offer is intended for Hikers/Cyclists/Bus travelers/… who simply want to relax during a stay. Afterwards you will continue your journey with fresh “momentum”. Read more …

Offer 3: Space Academy

This offer is offered in winter when it is too cold in the space studio. The programme is aimed at families with children. The event is offered in all weathers. The programme depends on the weather (e.g. making rockets, looking at stars, looking at the moon, touching meteorites and shooting stars, ….). Read more …

Offer 4 (from approx. April 2019) : Planetarium Show

From April 2019 we will put our small planetarium into operation. Read more …

Offer 5 : We will design an individual program for you.

You have special wishes ? Or a special target group (e.g. hiking groups, school classes, children, young people, people with disabilities ? )

Contact us. We will develop an individually tailored programme for your needs.