Apollo on the road

Apollo on the road

Sometimes the Apollo 13 leaves the space studio and travels to external exhibitions. Here are some photo impressions, if you want to know more, you will find more information in the lower part of the page.

Our capsule already visited the following locations :

Double Anniversary of the Peterberg Observatory, 2017

Technikmuseum Kassel, 2017

Schülerforschungszentrum Nordhessen (SFN), 2017

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Branch of Mercedes-Benz,  Saarbrücken

Yuri’s Night, Apollo 13 in Fulda: Exhibition 50 years of manned space travel at the Mercedes-Benz branch in Fulda. Partners: Vonderau Museum Fulda and National-Aerospace-Sinntal

Space exhibition in Trossingen in honour of Dr. Eberhard Rees (March 2008)

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Transport to Spicheren, France (November 2007)

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Apollo 13 at the Peterberg Observatory

Restoration of the Apollo 13 capsule

Many journeys sometimes are a problem for a spaceship. Fortunately, there were helping hands who restored the Apollo capsule. You can find out how this was done here: