Welcome to the Space-Studio Nohfelden

With us you can experience astronomy and space travel in many different ways. We offer various events for this purpose.

Information on our popular family programme "Spaceman Academy".

One attraction is the Apollo 13 space capsule, which was built for the film launch of the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name with Tom Hanks at the beginning of the 90s. Children and adults can take a seat in the cockpit and simulate the journey to the moon.

We also introduced a small new planetarium where we can observe the sky even under bad weather conditions and  present some small shows to the public.

An exhibition in the space studio aims to make the universe comprehensible. The huge distances can be explored with the help of specially made models with the sense of touch, which also makes access to astronomy easier for blind people. In addition, award-winning large-format sky photographs from the collection of Saarland astrophotographer Sebastian Voltmer will be exhibited there. Rarely presented film sequences are also shown, in which famous astronauts and cosmonauts from the USA and the former Soviet Union talk about their adventures and describe how they had mastered the journey to the moon or the first and life-threatening exit from a space capsule in Earth orbit.

On the grounds of the farmhouse, observations of the sun or the starry sky are also possible if the weather is suitable. Telescopes are available. The so-called "Southwest German Einhaus" also has a well-preserved and romantic vaulted cellar, which invites you to have a drink.