“Flight to the moon” with a telescope from Earth

Unfortunately, most people are not allowed to fly to the moon. But as a “safe” alternative you can watch the moon from Earth in a telescope and even take photos and videos of it.

The following films were made with a “commercially available” telescope (from specialist dealers!).

During a moon observation with a telescope we look “through” the atmosphere of our earth. This is constantly in motion (e.g. due to cold and warm air masses). Sometimes even light cloud fields run through the picture – but nevertheless the moon in the “telescope” looks beautiful again and again. And we need our atmosphere too, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to breathe or live here anymore.

Here are some small impressions of the moon in the telescope. That night the air law was quiet and sharp videos could be filmed:



… now with higher resolution …


… and more details with a larger magnification and focal length …