Our space studio – interplay of historical buildings and modern technology

You will learn interesting facts about astronomy and space travel in the rustic atmosphere of a real historical farm barn in Mosberg-Richweiler. The main attraction is the Apollo 13 space capsule, which was built for the film launch of the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name with Tom Hanks. Children and adults can sit in the cockpit of the Apollo 13 space capsule and experience the journey to the moon in a unique way. In the rooms of the space studio, award-winning large-format sky photographs from the collection of the Saarland astrophotographer Sebastian Voltmer are exhibited. In addition, there will be the opportunity to experience lectures and videos on astronomy and space travel. The exhibition is also suitable for visually and hearing impaired people. Films are translated into sign language and tactile exhibits are provided for visually impaired people:


The stars can be observed very well on the grounds of the space studio. Here on the edge of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park, there are only a few artificial light sources that could be disturbing at night.

To keep it that way, we hold talks with the decision-makers. This enables us to provide information on the optimum use of (LED) light. But this is a lengthy process.

With your community you can create an awareness that the natural heritage of the starry sky will be preserved to some extent for future generations!

On request, a drink can be offered in the cosy vaulted cellar.


Opening of the space studio: 9.9.2012

Since 2012, the space capsule has been an integral part of the “Space Atelier”, which officially opened on 9 September 2012.