For groups who would like to organize a special event together in our space studio in Mosberg-Richweiler, we offer special vouchers !

We offer the following variants:

a) Voucher : “Multimedia exploratory journey through space and time”.

  • with an individually arranged program for visitors in our space studio. You will receive an introduction to astronomical knowledge and space travel.
  • e.g. with lecture, guided tours through our exhibition, special demonstrations with rare video material, …
  • we show 3D-models, real shooting stars and a real rock from the moon
  • Information on the current constellations of the sky (with the help of a planetarium presentation)
  • can be carried out in any weather

b)  “Sky observation  Voucher.”

Here we explore the starry sky in clear weather and explain many interesting things for navigation in the sky, the constellations, current planets, carry out a telescope observation can only be  performed in clear and dark skies

The vouchers are transferable and have no expiry date, i.e. they are only redeemed when the event is actually held. Especially with the “Sky observation vouchers” we depend on the weather conditions and have to find a group date where the weather prospects and the time conditions of the group members match.

You can buy these vouchers in our shop ! (click)