Inclusion for disabled people at our space studio

Many of our exhibits are suitable for people with visual and/or hearing impairments. We have tactile exhibits and support video presentations with subtitles and/or German Sign Language. The pantomime JOMI also helps us to realize this task:

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How do we achieve accessibility in the space studio?

“Accessibility” for people with visual or hearing impairments is a challenging topic, as we have to address the individual strengths of people. “Disability” is a term that does not adequately describe the topic, because people with disabilities develop other strengths with which they can compensate for their handicap.

In the space studio we had a lot of thoughts – also through direct contact with those affected – about how we could design our offer.

The following results were achieved in order to make space experienceable to these fellow human beings. We therefore offer :

– 3D prints of celestial bodies and spacecraft
– Miniature Planet Trail
– VideosGuides for astronomical images
– Cosmic sounds (e.g. made visible audible to the blind)
– universe2go (audiovisual, for all)
– Audio sky tours (App, for sighted and blind people)

The positive feedback from the visitors also encourages us to continue along this path!

Please note: Offerings for people with mobility or visual impairments only from April to September, as a farmhouse with stairs is used during the winter months. For all others all year round.

Information for wheelchair users

Wheelchair users can take advantage of the following offers of the Weltraum-Atelier Nohfelden:

  • Visiting the Apollo 13 capsule, but without the possibility to enter the interior of the spaceship.
  • cinema shows
  • recitals
  • Use of the exhibits for visually and hearing impaired people
  • Telescope observations outdoors with restrictions (depending on the position of the objects in the sky!).
  • Some of the large-format pictures are on the upper floor of the farmhouse and cannot be accessed by wheelchair. However, we would be happy to provide some of the pictures in the presentation and lecture room, if required.
  • Access to the toilet is possible for wheelchair users, but it does not have handles. The door to the toilet was recently widened for wheelchair users and could already be used by those affected in the past, but is somewhat smaller than required by the DIN/EN standard.

Impressions of a visit

In summer of 2022, several groups visited us as part of the project “Saarland above ground”. The project, funded by the State Chancellery, was aimed at people with different handicaps. On July 26th, Saarland’s Minister President Anke Rehlinger was also convinced by what we had to offer:

All fotos with kind permission of our visitors and “Saarland/Dietze”

In the (hot) summer of 2018 two groups of people who suffer from very different health disadvantages visited us. As you can see on the following pictures, we had a lot of fun together.

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All photos of the above visit with friendly permission of the diocese of Speyer.