Our offer for the “dark season”, especially for families, children and teenagers.

Venue : Center Parcs Park Bostalsee

Lindenallee 1
66625 Nohfelden
Start of the event series: 05.10.2020
End of the event series: 31.03.2021

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 18 o’clock

Binding pre-registration and payment in advance ONLY at Center Parcs is mandatory.
Phone number for booking : +49 (0) 685 29 02 80

Entrance fee:
Adults 11,50 EUR
Child (4-14 years) 9,50 EUR

Our offer takes place during any weather.



Depending on the weather and astronomical conditions, an individual program is always created from the following possibilities:

Depending on the weather and astronomical conditions, an individual program is always created from the following possibilities:

  • With clear sky (and moon visible): Astronomical observation with a telescope. We explore the moon and learn many news about our satellites. With the help of a special adapter, visitors can take their first moon photo with their smartphone. Alternatively we offer an immediate print of a moon photo on our telescopes with a professional camera, which may be operated by the respective participant.
  • When the sky is clear (no moon visible): Starwalking. In a moonless night we hike to the dam wall of the Bostalsee (approx. 1 km, 15 min). There at the agreed time the lighting is switched off and we discover together many constellations and our Milky Way. With binoculars or a small telescope we even see star clusters in the sky. We also learn how to orientate ourselves in the night sky after getting lost. Maybe we will also see some shooting stars or satellites in the sky. The International Space Station (ISS) is easy to spot. For other satellites, smartphone apps provide valuable tips that make us feel at home even after the event in the sky.
  • If the weather is bad, we stay inside the CenterParcs and run a programme for children and adults. Our goal is to provide basic knowledge for prospective “space experts” in an interactive and playful way. A real “SpaceMan” (or “SpaceWoman”) must of course be familiar with our planetary system and the starry sky so that he doesn’t get lost. That’s why we first show small videos about our planetary system so that we can orient ourselves in space. So that we do not underestimate the huge distances between the planets, we have a true-to-scale planetary path and planet models with us. During a space mission we can collide with many small and large (very dangerous!) boulders in space. We bring real shooting stars (meteorites) so that we can get to know them in time.

Of course, a space expert also needs to know how a rocket works. That’s why we design and build simple models and even let them shoot up in the outdoor area of the CenterParc. Which rocket will probably climb the highest? This is where the help of the parents is needed for construction and launch.

You want to know what the sky looked like on your birthday? Where are the planets tonight? What was the famous “Star of Bethlehem”? Who recognizes the most beautiful constellations? Who knows how to find the points of the compass at night when you are lost? We bring a planetarium program to find out even when the sky is overcast.

Finally, there is an individual astronaut photo in recognition of the new “SpaceMan” (or “SpaceWoman”). The photos will be printed at short notice at the end of the event and can be picked up at the reception a little later (we expect a print time of 1-2 min per photo).

In order to address each visitor individually and not feel neglected, we limit the group size to 15 people at each event. If more interested people register, we will repeat the event by 8 p.m. at the latest.

Children (suitable from the age of 5 years) should always be accompanied by an adult.

New technical developments or attractions, which enrich our offer, will automatically be included in our program.

Some pictures (with kind permission by Jessica Koch!) during “rocket construction” :