Livestream of the lunar eclipse on 2018/07/27 from Namibia and from the “Peterberg Observatory”

On July 27, 2018, a total lunar eclipse takes place, which can also be observed from Germany. Unfortunately, the moon does not rise in Germany until the eclipse has already begun. Moreover, it is only quite low above the horizon in our region.

This is different in Namibia.

Sebastian Voltmer will be in the African state of Namibia at this time and will broadcast the lunar eclipse live from there. From Africa one can observe the lunar eclipse over the entire eclipse period.

However, the network on site is moderately developed and whether it works is uncertain.

The partial phase begins at 18:24 UT and ends at 22:19 UT. That’s 20:24 to 00:19 German Daylight Time.

Scheduled are broadcast dates from Namibia with live commentary at 21, 22, 23:20, and 00 o’clock German time.

The livestream from Namibia can be watched here:



The livestream from the Peterberg Observatory can be watched here:



Further astronomical data of the lunar eclipse can be found here : Mondfinsternis 2018