Our events during the Corona Pandemic

Dear visitors of the space studio,

we take the current pandemic of the Corona virus seriously. That is why we have taken a number of precautionary measures – very much in line with risk minimisation in space travel – among which we can offer you a visit to us.

Limitation of the number of visitors

Due to the current regulations, we are allowed to accept a maximum of 15 people  per event. This value can always change due to new pandemic measures!

Registration obligation

To ensure that this number of persons can be maintained, all visitors must register their visit. The principle applies: “Whoever registers first will receive a visitor’s place with us”. Here we ask for your understanding. We are obliged by law to observe these restrictions.

You can find the contact to us here: Contact

Medical Mask Requirement:

We must insist, analogous to current business regulations, that you bring your own medical masks. We have a very small number of spare masks available only for urgent, exceptional cases. We are not allowed to receive visitors without med. masks!


In the space studio as well as in the sanitary facilities we provide disinfectants for the hands in the form of gel and spray in addition to soap. For drying the hands we offer paper towels, which are disposed of separately.