Space academy (“Peter’s moon-ride” with our Apollo capsule)

Location : Weltraum-Atelier Nohfelden

Bornwiesstrasse 1 
66625 Nohfelden
Start: 01.01.2023
End: 31.12.2023

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 15:00

Binding advance reservation is requested (at the latest 12h00 before the start).

Children (suitable from the age of 4 years) should only be accompanied by an adult.

You have 2 possibilities for participation/booking:

Option 1 (directly with us):

By phone or mail. Our contact details are here: How to contact us

Option 2 (via Center Parcs Park Bostalsee):

An easy booking is also possible via the “Centerparcs-App” for guests of the Centerparcs Park Bostalsee or by phone and prepayment under: +49 (0) 685 29 02 80

Our event takes place in any weather.


Depending on the weather and astronomical conditions, an individual program is always created from the following possibilities:

How far away is the nearest star? How long does a journey to the moon take? You will learn interesting facts about astronomy and space travel in the rustic atmosphere of a historic farm barn in Mosberg-Richweiler. The main attraction is the Apollo 13 space capsule, which was built for the film launch of the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name with Tom Hanks. Children and adults can take a seat in the cockpit of the Apollo 13 space capsule at our “Space Flight Academy” and experience the journey to the moon in a unique way. We show 3D-models of our celestial bodies and can imagine how big they are.

With a clear sky: Astronomical observation with a telescope. We explore our sun with a special telescope, as well as the moon in bright daylight and learn many news about our target objects.

Our goal is to provide basic knowledge for prospective “space experts” in an interactive and playful way. A real “SpaceMan” (or “SpaceWoman”) must of course be familiar with our planetary system and the starry sky so that he doesn’t get lost. That’s why we first show small videos about our planetary system so that we can orient ourselves in space. So that we do not underestimate the huge distances between the planets, we have a true-to-scale planetary path and planet models with us. During a space mission we can collide with many small and large (very dangerous!) boulders in space. We bring real shooting stars (meteorites) so that we can get to know them in time.

Of course, a space expert must also know how a rocket works. That’s why we also have the possibility to shoot a rocket into the sky.

For friends of beautiful astrophotos we have an exhibition with pictures of the famous astrophotographer Sebastian Voltmer.

You want to know what the sky looked like on your birthday? Where are the planets tonight? What do you think was the famous “Star of Bethlehem”? Who recognizes the most beautiful constellations? Who knows how to find the points of the compass at night when you are lost? We have a planetarium program to find out even when the sky is overcast.

In addition for the adult guests a selection of interesting videos with scenes of impressive events of the sky (e.g. interviews with astronauts, solar and lunar eclipses, rotation of the starry sky, zoom into the birthplaces of stars and planets, Aurora lights, …).


New technical developments or attractions, which enrich our offer, are automatically taken over by our side into the program.




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