“Peter’s Moon Ride” and astronomical observations

How far away is the nearest star? How long does a journey to the moon take? You will learn interesting facts about astronomy and space travel in the rustic atmosphere of a historical farm barn in Mosberg-Richweiler. The main attraction is the Apollo 13 space capsule, which was built for the film launch of the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name with Tom Hanks. At “Peterchens Mondfahrt” children and adults can take a seat in the cockpit of the Apollo 13 space capsule and experience the journey to the moon in a unique way. We show 3D models of our celestial bodies and can imagine how large they are. If you like to try guessing games, you can guess which celestial bodies we hold in our hands blindfolded.

We show films from the last solar eclipse events in the USA and Australia, a lunar eclipse in Saarland, interviews with the real astronauts of the Apollo-13 and animated films about our solar system for younger children. We also have real images of large telescopes showing the surface of the moon, the large planets Jupiter and Saturn and the movement of a comet in the sky. We also have real shooting stars that have fallen from heaven to earth.

Those who like to look at photos of the celestial bodies will find in the rooms of the space studio award-winning large-format sky photographs from the collection of the Saarland astrophotographer Sebastian Voltmer.

Sebastian Voltmer and his team also organize observations of the sun or the starry sky during special sky events and fine weather. Telescopes are of course available on the grounds of the old farm. The offer at the starry sky is however season-dependent! Please note that astronomical observations outdoors can only be made in suitable weather conditions! Please bring warm and comfortable clothes!

Depending on your interest, our program is suitable for children from 5 years of age.

Our exhibits are also suitable for visually and hearing impaired people. Some films are translated into sign language and tactile exhibits are provided for visually impaired people.

The event “Peterchens Mondfahrt” is offered regularly. You will find the dates in our event calendar and in the offers of our partners.

Individual group appointments are also possible by individual arrangement (from 10 persons).

The “Peterchens Mondfahrt” offer can be booked from mid-March to mid-October. Average duration of the event 1.5 – 2 hours.

Tariffs “Peterchens Mondfahrt” in the space studio Nohfelden:

Price adult (from 14 years) : 16,-€
Price child (5 to 13 years): 8,-€
Infants within the family (up to and including 4 years): free of charge

Family price (2 adults + max. 3 children ([5-13 years]): 45 EUR (each additional child pays the normal children’s price).

Individual group prices (from 10 persons – 30 persons, e.g. bus trips, school trips, group trips, excursions) : on request

The price does not change by the omission of the external observations (weather-dependent!)!


Tickets for this event must be purchased in advance via Centerparcs on Bostalsee:

Centerparcs Bostalsee
Lindenallee 1
66625 Nohfelden
Phone: (+49) (0)6852 90280

Advance ticket sales can be made in two ways and are also possible for ALL guests in our region (even if they are not guests of the Centerparc Hotel Group!!)

a) You buy the tickets at the reception of the Centerpark on site.
b) You can book and pay by credit card at (+49)(0)6852-90280 (Mon-Fri from 8.15-17.15 / Sat from 8.15-12.45).

No seat reservations will be made without payment !


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